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Welcome to Our Restaurant

Our country style A la carte restaurant is housed within a stunning 521m² complex, a significant portion of which is the beautiful 315m² historic homestead building – “Die Ou Pastorie” – which dates back to 1885. Adjacent to the restaurant stands a magnificent specimen of The Wild Olive (Olea europea subsp. africana) which has been dated by knowledgeable botanists as being older than 200 years. Its branches graciously spread out over our splendid glassed off Conservatory – a favourite part of the restaurant for intimate family celebrations of up to 25 people.

The A la carte menu offers many wonderfully wholesome value-for-money meals. The food is of an exceptional quality and our portion sizes are referred to be guests as being “very generous”. The various dining rooms inside the restaurant offer different experiences and can comfortably seat around 40 to 50 guests. Immediately adjacent to the restaurant is a 162m² under-cover area which we refer to as “The Portico”.

On those rainy days when the weather isn’t necessarily playing along nicely but it isn’t cold enough for guests to want to sit inside, we will seat and serve them here. The Portico also serves to be an important area where we host our intimate afternoon and evening music events, which attract anywhere between 30 to 95 guests.

In keeping with the central tenets of our business ethos and customer value proposition, our cuisine is fresh, locally sourced, indulgent, innovative and the style of meal is wholesome country. The kitchen is a scratch kitchen, the definition of this is that our meals are made from scratch, so whilst they may take a little longer to reach your table, you will definitely taste the difference and understand why it was worth the wait. Through our restaurant, we aim to increase community awareness around the value of good, clean, locally produced food.

Vegetables where possible [including our famous organic microgreens] grow freely between and within our on-site ‘edible garden’ and greenhouse, and we are closely entwined with neighbouring farmers and producers, ensuring that our guests experience the full freshness and flavour of our beautiful valley.

Opening Times

Mondays – Sundays 08h00 – 17h00: Breakfast & Lunch
Thursday, Friday & Saturday night: Dinner

Thursday night is our Harvest Table – R250 p/p for a 3 course meal

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food"
George Bernard Shaw

Harvest Table at Die Ou Pastorie
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Bespoke Celebrations

Celebrations are very important markers in our lives just as rites of passage are or were.

For most, the social influences of today’s society have seen the rites of passage being whittled down to birthdays, marriages and anniversaries. It’s not uncommon to hear people talking about their upcoming celebration in this way “Oh it’s really nothing – I’m just going to do something small, something low key, no mess no fuss you know.”

The shocking truth about the “busyness” of life right now is that we are all so focussed on being professionally productive that it seems silly or wasteful to take the time to make plans to go a little wild, to really have fun and to celebrate an occasion with a splash.

At Die Ou Pastorie, we feel and think very differently about life and celebrations. That’s why many families and businesses who wish to celebrate an occasion in style, choose us.

Our “celebratory spaces” – various dining rooms in the 1885 Homestead, our beautifully treed garden, our glassed-in conservatory and our roofed open-air portico – offer you a wide selection to choose from. Given our attention to detail, all celebrations require an upfront consultation during which your celebratory desires are clearly understood and recorded on an event specification sheet so that on the day, these can be seamlessly delivered against.

We look forward to meeting you and successfully hosting your celebration(s) here at Die Ou Pastorie.

Die Ou Pastorie celebrations